I.B.I.S (2015)

Before viewing

What do students already know and what are some things that they can do? 

Encourage students to experience the artforms Dance, Music and Visual Arts by:

  • moving their body both individually and with others; showing awareness of their body in space and in relation to objects around them
  • improvising and arranging music, using texture, dynamics and expression to manipulate the elements of music
  • experimenting with visual conventions and materials, including exploration of techniques used by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists, to represent a theme, concept or idea in their artwork
  • Check that students are aware that they can interpret meanings from viewing and listening to artworks and texts, and that all artforms can tell stories which may have beginnings, middles and ends?
  •  Encourage students’ recognition that people from different cultures create and perform, and may have different reasons for doing so. Discuss the importance of conserving the remains of the ancient past, including the heritage of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples.

Expand students understanding that contemporary Indigenous people participate in all facets of the community and as artists they may choose to communicate ideas based on traditional stories including those relating to landforms and creatures that represent spirits.

  • Who are the dancers of Bangarra?  Where do they come from?
  • Where is the company Bangarra based?
  • What is a cultural advisor?