I.B.I.S (2015)

Years 3-6

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Telling the stories: I.B.I.S (2015)

I.B.I.S is inspired by the area just north of the Australian mainland known as the Torres Strait Islands. The work is about life on the islands and captures the regions unique style of dance, music and story-telling.

Excerpts from I.B.I.S

Bangarra’s production of I.B.I.S illustrates the unique culture and life of Torres Strait in a work of 4 short acts.

Bringing the stories to the stage: the creative process

Prior to working with the dancers in the studio, the choreographers and the designer Jake Nash, travelled to the Torres Strait (Thursday and Murray Island) in 2014, to spend time on country and in the community, to nourish their ideas, as well as talk with cultural consultants, William Satrick and Peggy Misi and work on a new ‘sit-down’ song on the language of Kala Lagaw Ya. Pinau Ghee and Aunty Betty Mabo also joined this stage of the process by coming down to Bangarra from Thursday Island to contribute stories and share knowledge. 

Before viewing

Things to think about. What do students already know about the Torres Strait Islands?

After viewing

Ask students to reflect on the dance and their experience of watching it, and ask their opinions about the dance.

Next steps

Use improvisation, exploration and experimentation of movement to create dance and communicate ideas as they reflect back on I.B.I.S.

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Resource developed by Bangarra Dance Theatre Australia with funding and support from the Australian Government Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations.