Terrain (2012)

Years 7-10

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Exploring Terrain (2012)

Terrain is inspired by the area of Australia known as Lake Eyre a landscape from where human beings draw life and express meaning to that life. Terrain explores the fundamental connection between Aboriginal people and land – how we treat our land, how we understand its spirit, and how we regard its future.

Five Excerpts from the Production Terrain

With the in situe experience of Lake Eyre and a significant amount of research material in hand, (images, literature, stories), ideas become translated through movement, sound and imagery. The choreographerand the dancers develop a language of movement, using elements of dance that are carefully shaped to resonate the feelings, thoughts and ideas explored by the whole creative team.

Bringing the Stories to the Stage: The Creative Process

Frances Rings (choreographer), Jacob Nash (set designer) and David Page (composer) travelled to Lake Eyre at a time when the lake was full of water. They spent time on country and also viewed Lake Eyre from the air.

Before Viewing

What do students already know about movement and dance? What else can they learn about the ideas the dance artwork is based on?

After Viewing

What did the students experience watching Terrain? What did they observe and what is their response to the work?

Next Steps

Use improvisation, exploration and experimentation of movement to create dance, communicate ideas, and reflect back on Terrain.

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Resource developed by Bangarra Dance Theatre Australia with funding and support from the Australian Government Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations.