I.B.I.S (2015)

After viewing

Pose questions that remind them of their viewing experience.

  • How many sections of the full production are shown in the resource?
  • How would you describe the Elements of Dance, Visual Conventions, and Elements of Music in Debe Idim?
  • Describe the costumes of the dancers in the second section Waru. How do the costumes and the movements work together in this section?
  • Decribe the way the group moves/dances in the section called Crayfish. How would you describe the Elements of Dance, Visual Conventions, and Elements of Music in this section?
  • What are the characteristics/dynamics of the movement and/or music in the last section Debe Ki?
  • How are the colours and the backrops relevant to each of the sections? The dance theatre production of I.B.I.S illustrates life on the Torres Strait Islands. Are there any aspects of Torres Strait Island life arising from colonisation evident in the work?
  • What influence has Christianity had on the Torres Strait Island people and culture?
  • What is the Torres Strait Islander Peoples’ approach to custodial responsibility and environmental management of the land and seas in the Torres Strait?
  • Describe the way the dancers in Waru move?
  • Describe the movements of the dancers in Crayfish
  • Describe the movements and the song are intergrated in Debe Ki?
  • What is the relationship between the dancers and the audience? Do any of the dancers look at the audience? Why/why not?


Describe the aesthetics of the production, including the colour of the set, floor, props and the lighting (colour, brightness, point/s of focus) in each section.

Which sounds and/or instruments can you hear in each section?