About (2011)

Years 5-6

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Exploring About (2011)

About expresses the choreographer’s personal cultural connection and continuing curiosity about the four winds (Gub) of the Torres Strait Islands. The behaviours of these winds guide the people in their daily lives, and the spirits of these winds inform the essential elements of their cultural life.

Excerpts From The Production: About

The film clip shows excerpts of the four winds: Zey, Kuki, Naigai, Sager

Bringing the Stories to the Stage: The Creative Process

About was created by the choreographer, in close collaboration with the dancers, the composer, and the costumeset and lighting designers. This collaborative process enables the various art forms involved in creating the works achieve the overall vision of the choreographer.

Before Viewing

What do students already know about movement and dance, and the ideas that this dance artwork is about?

After Viewing

What did the students experience watching About? What did they observe and what is their response to the work?

Next Steps

Use improvisation, exploration and experimentation of movement to create dance, communicate ideas, and reflect back on About.

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