Brolga (2001)

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Telling the Stories: Corroboree (2001)

Corroboree explores the transformation of the human spirit, the relationship between Aboriginal people, creatures and the land, and what it is that unifies us as human beings.

Brolga (An Excerpt from Corroboree)

Brolga (Gudurrku) is the first section of the production Corroboree. The dance Brolga illustrates the concepts of ceremony, connection and transformation between a human spirit and the spirit of a creature.

Bringing Brolga to the Stage: The Creative Process

The choreographer, the rehearsal director and the dancers spend many hours in the dance studio over several days to create the choreographic elements for the dance.  Together they invent movements that are inspired by the story, as they develop their artistic interpretation of its meaning, to slowly form the dance.

Before Viewing

Things to think about. What do students already know about movement and dance, and the brolga?

After Viewing

Remind the students of their experience watching Brolga. What are the main ideas and what is their opinion of the work?

Next Steps

Use improvisation, exploration and experimentation of movement to create dance, communicate ideas, and reflect back on Brolga.

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