Mutton Bird (2008)

Years 5-6

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Telling the Story: Mathinna (2008)

The focus of the production Mathinna is the social disruptions that occurred as British settlers relocated the Aboriginal people from their tribal lands and intervened in their cultural practices.

Excerpts from Mathinna

Mutton Bird is a contemporary dance representation of the mutton birds (shearwaters) that inhabit the coastal areas of Tasmania, and their significance as the totem to the clan to which Mathinna belonged.

Bringing Mutton Bird to the Stage: The Creative Process

The creating of Bangarra’s production of Mathinna, of which Mutton Bird is a part, began with extensive research of historical records, as well as literary and visual interpretations. The artistic elements of Mutton Bird are created by the choreographer in close collaboration with the dancers, the composer of the music, and the costumeset and lighting designers.

Before Viewing

What do students already know about movement and dance, and the mutton bird?

After Viewing

What did the students experience watching Mutton Bird? What did they observe and what is their response to the work?

Next Steps

Use improvisation, exploration and experimentation of movement to create dance, communicate ideas, and reflect back on Mutton Bird.

Mutton Bird with Audio Description

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