Artistic Director and co-CEO
Frances Rings
Executive Director and co-CEO
Louise Ingram
Executive Assistant
Natasha Cudilla


Rehearsal Director
Daniel Roberts
Director of Artistic Operations
Cloudia Elder
Company Manager
Joseph Cardona
Clinical Director
Michelle Wong


Finance Manager
Aileen Feighery
Community Engagement Manager
Raquel Kerdel
HR Manager
Atul Joshi
Chief Financial Officer (Interim)
Susan Casali


Development Director
Anna Matthews
Philanthropy Manager
Freya McGahey
Corporate & Government Affairs Manager
Lola Pinder
Fundraising & Events Coordinator
Lakaree Smith

Education & Youth Programs

Education & Accessibility
Shane Carroll
Youth Program Director
Sidney Saltner
Youth Program Coordinator
Sani Townson
Youth Programs & Education Coordinator
Chantal Kerr
Russell Page Youth Programs Graduate
Amy Weatherall

Marketing & Communications

Marketing & Communications Director
John Quertermous
Marketing Manager
Erin Repp
Marketing Coordinator
Gisella Mandaglio
Publicity Manager (Kabuku PR Agency)
Belinda Dyer
Ticketing & CRM Manager
Kieran Dennis
Ticketing & Administration Coordinator
Melody Duan
Venue Manager
Moira Kennedy Nusem


Director, Technical & Production
John Colvin
Production Manager
Cat Studley
Manager, Touring & Redevelopment
Phoebe Collier
Creative Director of Video Production
Cass Eipper
Head of Wardrobe
Jessica Hodgkinson
Head Electrician
Lucy Mitchell
Stage Manager
Rose Jenkins
Indigenous Production Trainee
Thomas Kelly


Board Member
Frances Rings
Board Member
Richard Eccles
Board Member
John Harvey
Board Member
Nadine McDonald-Dowd
Board Member
Ian Roberts
Board Member
Joshua Duke
Board Member
Jemima Myer