Unaipon (2004)

Years 5-10

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Creating Unaipon

David Unaipon was born in 1872 and died in 1967. Most Australians are familiar with Unaipon’s face as the man depicted on the Australian fifty-dollar note, but know little about his extraordinary life as a scientist, inventor, philosopher, writer, story teller and Christian preacher.

Presenting Unaipon

The production of Unaipon is created as three sections – 'Ngarrindjeri', 'Science', 'Religion' – woven together as a complete production. Each section offers aspects of Unaipon’s life and work, telling an interconnected story of the rich cultural fabric of this man’s life, his thirst for knowledge and his vision to use knowledge to create a better world for his people.

Bringing the stories to the stage: the creative process

The creative process for making the work Unaipon started with extensive research and discussion with the Ngarrindgeri community.

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