Terrain (2012)

After Viewing

English / Year 7 / Language / Language for interaction
English / Year 9 & 10 / Literacy / Interpreting, analysing, evaluating


  • How many sections of the full production are shown in the resource?
  • How would you describe the Elements of DanceVisual Conventions, and Elements of Music in Red Brick?
  • Describe the costumes of the dancers in the second section – Spinifex? How do the costumes and the movements work together in this section?
  • Why might the two dancers in the third section – Salt – be costumed differently?
  • Describe the way the group moves/dances in the section – Landform? How would you describe the Elements of Dance,Visual Conventions, and Elements of Music in this section?
  • What are the characteristics/dynamics of the movement and/or music in the last section – Deluge?

English / Year 7 & 8 / Literature / Responding to literature
English / Year 10 / Language / Language for interaction

Geography / Year 10 / Geographical Knowledge and Understanding / Unit 1:
Environmental change and management

History / Year 9 / Historical Knowledge and Understanding / Australia and Asia / Making a nation

History / Year 10 / Historical Knowledge and Understanding / Rights and freedoms / Rights and freedoms (1945 – the present)
  • How are the colours and the backrops relevant to each of the sections? The dance theatre production of Terrain illustrates issues associated with care for the environment.
  • Are there any issues arising from colonisation evident in the work?
  • What influence has mining had on the Lake Eyre region?
  • What is the Aboriginal and Torres trait Islander Peoples’ approach to custodial responsibility and environmental management of Lake Eyre?

Collect, compare and categorise facts and opinions.

English / Year 7 – 10 / Language / Expressing and developing ideas

Movement and meaning

  • Describe the way the dancers in Spinifex move?
  • Describe the movements of the dancers in Salt?
  • Describe the movements of the dancers in Deluge?
  • What is the relationship between the dancers and the audience? Do any of the dancers look at the audience? Why/why not?
English / Year 7 – 10 / Language / Expressing and developing ideas

Non movement aspects

  • Describe the aesthetics of the artwork, including the colour of the background, floor, props and the lighting(colour, brightness, point/s of focus) in each section.
  • Which sounds and/or instruments can you hear in each section?
English / Year 7 & 8 / Literature / Literature and context
English / Year 9 & 10 / Literacy / Texts in context

Societies and Cultures
The production Terrain describes the powerful sense of personal and cultural connection Aboriginal people have for land, and the need to reconnect and go ‘on country’.

  • Why do you think the choreographer chose to develop this dance theatre production based on the Lake Eyre region?
  • The performance is on a stage in a theatre. Is this a traditional or contemporary place for Aboriginal people to dance?
  • What is the cultural context in which this dance was developed, or in which it is viewed, and what does it signify? What are the stylistic differences in cultural dances from different countries including Asia, Europe and the USA?

Based on Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) Level 5 & 6 statements from the Critical and Creative Thinking learning continuum for Generating ideas, possibilities and actions; Reflecting on thinking and processes; and Analysing, synthesising and evaluating reasoning and procedures areas. Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Australia (CC BY NC SA) licence. Accessed 03/06/15.