Bennelong (2017)

After viewing

Pose questions that remind students of their viewing experience.

•    How many sections of the full production are shown in the resource?
•    How would you describe the Elements of Dance, Visual Conventions, and Elements of Music in the section titled ‘Sacred’?
•    Describe the costumes of the dancers in the section ‘Responding’? How do the costumes and the movements work together in this section?
•    Decribe the way the male group of dancers move and are situated in the space in relation to each other, in the section ‘Wangal’. How would you describe the Elements of Dance, Visual Conventions, and Elements of Music in this section?
•    What are the characteristics/dynamics of the movement and/or music in the solo section of ‘Rewind’?  
•    How are the set and the backdrop relevant to this section? 
•    The dance theatre production of Bennelong illustrates issues associated with colonisation. How is this evident in the work?
•    In what way is Bennelong’s story unique in the context of relationships between Aboriginal people and the British settlers?
•    How does the work illustrate personal issues and conflicts that Bennelong is likely to have experienced through his interactions with Governor Phillip?

In reference to expressing and developing ideas:

Collect, compare and categorise facts and opinions. 
Movement and meaning
•    Describe the way ‘Responding’ tells part of the story? 
•    Compare the movements of the dancers in sections ‘Wangal’ and ‘Rejection’. How would you descrive the different dynamics in the choreography?
•    Describe the scene ‘1813/People of the Land’? How to you think the dancer prepares himself to perform this scene?
•    What is the relationship between the dancers and the audience? Do any of the dancers look at the audience? Why/why not?
Non-movement aspects
•    Describe the aestheitics of the artwork, including the colour of the background, floor, props and the lighting (colour, brightness, point/s of focus) in each section.
•    Which sounds and/or instruments can you hear in the music/sound score?