With Bangarra Since:
Family Background:
Donta is a descendant of the South Sea Islands with Ambrym Island connections on his mother’s side. His father's side comes from a Sri Lankan background, and is of Dutch descent (Burghers). Donta was born in the Turrbal region, however, was raised on Darumbal land in Central Queensland.

Growing up, Donta was disciplined in all styles of dance, but always connected more deeply with contemporary movements and storytelling. 


In 2022, Donta competed at Brisbane Performing Arts Challenge, where he was awarded three scholarships to study dance full-time at some of Australia's most renowned performing arts hubs. After accepting his scholarship for the Jason Coleman’s Ministry of Dance, he left his hometown to train in Melbourne. During his time in Melbourne, Donta was fortunate enough to be offered various corporate and commercial gigs, with opportunities to dance internationally and be featured in music videos. Donta joined Bangarra in 2024 as a Russell Page Graduate. 


Donta is excited to further develop his artistry through Bangarra, and to share his proud culture with audiences all over Australia.