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winhanga-rra (hear, think, listen) invites teachers in primary and secondary schools to engage with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture through the work of Bangarra Dance Theatre.

The workshop focuses on community engagement, storytelling and contemporary dance theatre making. Creative dance theatre practices are explored through a range of ideas, starting points and choreographic stimulus. The workshop is conducted in a way that brings each teacher’s experience, ideas and interests into the creative space.

The course is open to both generalist and specialist teachers in primary and secondary schools, and will include talks, discussion, film presentations and practical tasks.

Lunch and morning tea provided.

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Curriculum Relevance

Learning across the curriculum priority Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures;
General capabilities Intercultural Understanding, Critical and creative thinking, Literacy, Personal and social capabilities;
Learning Areas Arts (Dance, Music, Visual Arts), Humanities and Social Sciences, Health & Physical Education, English, Languages.


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  02 9251 5333

Our Teachers’ Professional Learning Workshop program, Winhanga-rra is run in major cities during the year. Please complete the form below to register your interest. 

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