These workshops can be aligned with your school's professional development focus or specific programs you have running in your school, existing or planned. The workshop will be based on the foundation structure of our other offerings, and then tailored and/or extended to align with your school's particular PD aims. Please note that a minimum of 20 attendees is required for these workshops if conducted in-person and a maximum of 14 if conducted online. No dance experience required.

Online: min 2.5 hours - max 4 hours 
In-studio: min 4 hours - max 6 hours 

Curriculum Relevance 
Learning across the curriculum priority: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures.
General capabilities: Intercultural Understanding, Critical and Creative Thinking, Literacy, Personal and Social Capabilities.
Learning Areas: Arts (Dance, Music, Visual Arts), Humanities and Social Sciences, Health & Physical Education, English, Languages.

The workshop can take place at your school, at Bangarra Dance Theatre (subject to studio availability), or online on date/s that align with both the school’s and Bangarra's schedules.

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