In 2013, Bangarra launched Rekindling, to acknowledge the need for a structured outreach program that could best serve the needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth and their communities. 

Rekindling's vision is to inspire pride, kinship, positive life choices and a sense of custodianship in young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians. This is achieved through a series of residencies (called ‘gatherings’) in schools and community centres that focus on high-school-aged students. 

Evidence shows that a connection to culture is fundamental to young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander’s identity and wellbeing. An absence of culture may contribute to low self-esteem and a poor sense of self. 

Through Rekindling, Bangarra connects young people and community Elders so that stories and culture are shared across generations. The young people workshop and create dance theatre inspired by local stories they learn from their Elders with the guidance of Bangarra’s Youth Program Team Leaders.

The program culminates in a performance of the newly created dance work by the young people for their entire community. It is a celebration of creativity, culture and community.

Since inception, Rekindling has been delivered in 20 communities across five states with almost 300 students completing the program. 

Rekindling is lead by Sidney Saltner, one of Bangarra’s most acclaimed artists, who became Youth Program Director after 25 years as a performer. He is supported by Youth Program Leaders and former Bangarra dancers Chantal Kerr and Patrick Thaiday.

For more information on how to become a part of this important program please contact Sally Walker on or (02) 9258 5102 or donate now.