In 2013, Bangarra launched a new initiative for youth: Rekindling.  Rekindling's vision is to inspire pride, kinship and a sense of strength in young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders through a series of dance residencies with secondary school-aged students.  Participants research and gather stories with guidance from Elders within their communities, developing skills to produce thought provoking performances and community events. Since inception, Rekindling has been delivered in 28 communities across five states with almost 850 students completing the program. 

Rekindling is led by Sidney Saltner, one of Bangarra’s most acclaimed artists, who became Youth Program Director after 25 years as a performer. He is supported by Youth Program Leaders and former Bangarra dancers Chantal Kerr and Patrick Thaiday.

​In 2019, the Youth Program Team will deliver the Rekindling program to secondary school-aged children in four communities; Rockhampton, Cherbourg, and Northern Peninsula Area (Queensland), and the Matraville/La Perouse area of Sydney (New South Wales).


2019 Schedule

Cherbourg, QLD

Introduction Workshop: 5 March
Community Meeting: 6 March
Gathering 1: 30 April - 2 May
Gathering 2: 21 – 24 May
Gathering 3:  3 – 7 June
Performance Day: 7 June

Matraville/La Perouse, NSW

Introduction Workshop: 25 February
Community Meeting: 26 February
Gathering 1: 2 – 4 April
Gathering 2: 7 – 10 May
Gathering 3:  24 – 28 June
Performance Day: 28 June

Northern Peninsula Area, QLD

Introduction Workshop: 28 February
Community Meeting: 1 March
Gathering 1: 17 – 19 June
Gathering 2: 6 – 9 August
Gathering 3:  19 – 23 August
Performance Day: 23 August

Rockhampton, QLD

Introductory Workshop: 7 March
Community Meeting: 8 March
Gathering 1: 13 – 15 June
Gathering 2: 31 July – 3 August
Gathering 3: 12 –16 August
Performance Day: 16 August

Please note: all dates are subject to change.


Bangarra's Rekindling program is generously supported by

The Colonial Foundation
Patterson Pearce Foundation
Tim Fairfax Family Foundation
Bangarra's amazing family of indivdual donors


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Bring Rekindling to your Community

Communities are chosen based on their interest in supporting the program as well as assessment of need. The Rekindling team work closely with community leaders and Elders to cultivate the sharing of local stories, songs and dance. 

If you are a community leader and are interested in bringing the Rekindling program to your area, please read the Expression of Interest PDF, and complete the Expression of Interest form below.

"The Rekindling experience was life-changing for Rosa... it was like learning a language that she somehow had always sort of known."

Kate, parent, Kelvin Grove State College, Queensland

Rekindling - Expression of Interest

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