• 2016 International Tour - New York City, USA (Fall For Dance Festival)
  • 2014 Back to Country - NT, WA, Torres Strait Islands
  • 2013 International Tour - Vietnam
  • 2012 International Tour - Mongolia (by invitation by The Arts Council of Mongolia)
  • 2011 International Tour - Germany, Italy, Switzerland
  • 2010 International Tour - China (Year of Australian Culture in China launch)
  • 2006 Regional Tour - TAS
  • 2005 Regional Tour - QLD, VIC, TAS, NSW
  • 2004 Regional Tour - QLD


  • Stephen Page, Frances Rings, Bernadette Walong-Sene
  • David Page and Steve Francis
  • Peter England
  • Nick Schlieper
  • Jennifer Irwin

Premiered in 2004 at Civic Theatre, Cairns

Showcasing the best of Bangarra’s internationally acclaimed repertoire, the majority of Spirit features highlights from the company’s sell-out production Bush, as well as treasured moments from Bangarra’s repertoire.

Set to a beautiful and haunting score composed by David Page and Steve Francis, Spirit is a lush and contemporary celebration of beauty, ritual and music. From the last breath of sunset to the first finger-light of dawn, the audience enters a mysterious and secret space to witness nature’s sacred poetry.

Featuring Kathy Balngayngu Marika, a traditional elder from North East Arnhem, Spirit weaves storytelling, dance, theatre and music into an unforgettable theatrical experience.