Duration: 75 minutes
Contains smoke and haze effects
Suitable for ages 12+


Artistic Director
  • Stephen Page
  • Stephen Page with the Bangarra Dancers
Costume Design
  • Jennifer Irwin
Set Design
  • Jacob Nash
Lighting Design
  • Nick Schlieper
  • Steve Francis
  • Alana Valentine

Created by Artistic Director Stephen Page in 2017, Bennelong explores the life of one of history’s most iconic Aboriginal figures. Woollarawarre Bennelong was a senior man of the Eora people, who led his community to survive a clash of cultures. Through striking dance language, soul-stirring soundscapes and exquisite design, Bangarra unpacks Bennelong’s legacy and its reverberation through contemporary Australian life.



“Ravishingly beautiful and deeply unsettling all at once.”
The Australian

“Bangarra fires on all cylinders in seminal tale of first contact… Dauntingly iconic, profoundly sad, Bennelong is beautifully realised”
Limelight Magazine ★★★★½

“Utterly searing… Moments of sheer brilliance flash and spark all the way through” 
The Daily Telegraph ★★★★

“Hits hard... one of the most poignant and shocking endings I’ve seen in dance”
The Guardian ★★★★

"Extraordinarily powerful… a benchmark in Australian dance creativity. It sums up yesterday, today and perhaps tomorrow"
Sydney Morning Herald ★★★★★

“a benchmark in Australian dance creativity”

Sydney Morning Herald