2011 National Tour - QLD, NSW, WA, ACT, VIC


  • Elma Kris (About) and Stephen Page (ID)
  • ID by David Page, About by David Page and Steve Francis
  • Jacob Nash
  • Emma Howell
  • Matt Cox

Premiered in 2011 at Queensland Performing Arts Centre

Rekindling Indigenous culture, internationally acclaimed Bangarra Dance Theatre created an original and breathtaking theatrical experience – Belong.

Investigating what it means to be Aboriginal in the 21st century, ID asks important questions about identity and reconnection with one’s heritage. Based on personal observations of people tracing their bloodlines and re-connecting with traditional culture, ID provokes perceptions in contemporary society.

About explores the mood of the winds in the Torres Strait Islands as they move across land, sea and sky signifying key moments in time. About follows the journey of the Torres Strait Islander people with these winds and the effects they have on the land, sea and community. Bangarra dancer and choreographer Elma Kris is inspired by Torres Strait Islander customs passed down through families for generations, reflecting the strong links between communities and their natural environment.

Always uplifting and deeply moving, Belong transforms perceptions of the places we call home.

“This pure and intrinsic connection with nature, presented with a beautiful aesthetic, is a Bangarra hallmark”

The Courier Mail