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Critics are mesmerised by Horizon, our first cross-cultural collaboration.

Bangarra, as a company, is a cultural gift and Horizon  beats like a collective heart. It is not to be missed."


★★★★ ½
Ultimately, Horizon is a feast of cultural richness and groundbreaking innovation. It’s one of the best things on Australian dance stages this year."

Sydney Morning Herald 

[Horizon] is a rich, layered production that stays with the viewer long after curtain call."


"Bangarra is a national treasure, and Horizon continues its mission of both celebrating Indigenous cultures and enriching the mainland through a visually stunning and dynamic double bill."

South Sydney Herald

"Patterson excels in his group choreography, as pulsing organic masses move amoebic-like...the choreography is by end mesmerising and unceasing."

Stage Whispers 

"Aural and visual riches are in abundant supply"

The Australian

"While the dance pieces are still enthralling and dramatic without a full understanding, familiarity with the narratives adds a spiritual dimension to the intentions and gestures of the dancers and makes the production truly memorable."

Australian Stage

Video by Cass Eipper
Photo by Daniel Boud