Life Cycle of a Bangarra Work

The development of a new work is a process of typically 3-4 years commencing with a period on Country spending time with Indigenous Elders.

We are generously entrusted by the Community who share with us their Language, stories, songs and dances, which we then honour on stage. At the end of a work’s life cycle, once it has been realised and performed to audiences all over Australia, we return the work to be performed on Country, in thanks and acknowledgement of the reciprocal relationship between the story and Country. Our Return to Country practice ensures that our community relationships, developed over many years, are maintained and continue to inform the integrity of our work. 

Yuldea on Country, 2023

In March 2023, our dancers, creatives and production team travelled to Ceduna and Yalata, SA to spend time on Country and learn from Yalata Cultural Consultant Kumanara Smart and Elders from the Community. Our works are born on Country through Community engagement and cultural exchange. On Mirning Country, we connected with young people through workshops in schools, learned Culture and story from Community Elders and travelled across the desert to Ooldea Tank to learn the stories of that place.

We would like to thank the Yalata community for welcoming us and sharing your stories and Culture on Country.

Yuldea tells the story of the Anangu people and their determination to honour the eternal bonds of kinship between people and place.

The images below were taken by dancers Kassidy Waters and Rikki Mason during their experience on Country. 

Artistic Director Frances Rings and dancers walking on Country
A spear left on the ground at Ooldea Tank, Kokatha Country.