• 2002 National Tour - VIC, NSW, QLD


  • Rush by Stephen Page, Rations by Frances Rings
  • Steve Francis
Set Design
  • Peter England
Costume Design
  • Jennifer Irwin
Lighting Design
  • Trudy Dalgleish

Premiered in 2002 at Victorian Arts Centre Playhouse

Walkabout is a program of two works: Rush by Stephen Page and Rations by Frances Rings. A passionate and revealing work featuring acclaimed actress, Ningali Lawford, Walkabout explores the tensions between the spiritual and social forces that shape Indigenous life.

Rations pulls at the threads of hand-me-downs. Lured from their homelands, clothed in cast offs and fed an alien diet of flour and sugar, the people find themselves trapped in a cycle of dependency.

Rush captures the energy and resilience of youth, the struggle to reconcile old ways with new and cleanse the pain of the past. 

Walkabout is a magnificently danced double bill that reclaims the regenerating journeys central to Aboriginal spirituality

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