Bangarra’s Wilay program enables us to connect with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander school students through our performances and by providing behind-the-scenes access to our dancers and creatives. 

Wilay allows us to build a relationship with the next generation of those who share the rich culture and history that is sewn through our storytelling. It is important to pass these stories down. 

Come to our Wilay performance and be inspired by this year’s work Dark Emu. Inspired by Bruce Pascoe’s award-winning book, Dark Emu features a myriad of dance stories directed by Stephen Page. Each explores the vital life force of flora and fauna, redefining the narrative around the post-colonial myth of the ‘hunter-gatherer’.

“Wilay" is the Wiradjuri word for Brushtail Possum, given to us by Uncle Stan Grant Senior. (This initiative was formerly known as Koori(e) Kids’ Day).


Venue Date Time Price
Arts Centre Melbourne 12 September 2018 12.30pm $10


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