Attending a performance

How do I book tickets to a Bangarra Schools' Performance?

If our school can’t get to the Schools’ Performance, can we book for another date?

Where do I find Risk Assessment Policies for venues where Bangarra is performing?

Is there a recommended age for attending a Bangarra show?

For Teachers

Where do I find the Study Guides for the show our school is attending?

How can I access or purchase Bangarra education resources?

Does Bangarra offer workshops in schools?

Does Bangarra host Teachers’ Professional Development Workshops?

For Students

I have an assignment for one of my subjects at school. Can Bangarra give me research guidance or resources?

Can I study a piece of Bangarra repertoire for a school subject and perform it at school?

Can I come to Bangarra for work experience?

Can I learn a piece of Bangarra repertoire from a film clip and perform it publicly?

Can I visit Bangarra studios?

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