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Bangarra’s Education Program provides a range of pathways for students to explore the art of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander storytelling. 

Full productions are available on DVD or through streaming via ClickView and Kanopy, along with our e-Resources which are brilliant for lesson plans or assignments. If you would like a copy of the Teachers' Notes that accompany our current and past productions, please contact us via the request form below.


Education Contact
  02 9251 5333


Our e-Resources, created in partnership with Education Services Australia, provide insight into the creative process of iconic Bangarra works. Designed for primary and secondary teachers, they can be used to build class activities, promote discussion and develop skills in creating contemporary dance. 

e-Resources include printable downloads and are fully accessible.    

Learning across the Curriculum: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures.
General Capabilities: Creative and Critical Thinking, Intercultural Understanding.
Learning Areas: The Arts (dance, drama, visual design, music), History, English


DVDs and Digital

Full-length works

A selected number of Bangarra productions are available on DVD from the Bangarra online shop and in Digital format via streaming platforms ClickView and Kanopy Streaming.

Primary, Secondary and TAFE: go to
University and Tertiary: go to


Free Study Guides available on request from




Teachers' Notes

A set of Teachers' Notes is produced for every new Bangarra production, providing background information for teachers and students prior to viewing a performance.

Teachers' Notes include information about:

  • the company
  • the production
  • the creative process and the creative team
  • comprehensive curriculum links

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Teachers' Notes