Vivid 2018


Artistic Director
  • Stephen Page
Head of Design
  • Jacob Nash
  • Bonnie Elliott
  • Steve Francis
  • Simon Njoo
  • Experience The Pulse
  • Tara Robertson, Yolanda Lowatta, Rika Hamaguchi, Tyrel Dulvarie

This is a FREE event. 

EORA – Dark Emu is a large-scale projection, designed especially for the Sydney Harbour Bridge’s Southern Pylon, which marries Aboriginal history, dance, art and architecture in a striking visual aesthetic.

Inspired by Bruce Pascoe’s award-winning book of the same name, Dark Emu explores how Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people interacted with the land long before colonisation. The title refers to the Spirit Emu, who “left the earth after its creation to reside as a dark shape in the Milky Way.”

Created by Stephen Page and Jacob Nash, the work features Bangarra’s dancers, painted with light, showing the unbreakable connection between earth and sky.

This is the fifth time that Vivid Sydney has featured the innovative artwork of Bangarra Dance Theatre.

Go exploring, venture into the night and let Bangarra shine a light on this fascinating chapter of Aboriginal history.