ONES COUNTRY – the spine of our stories

  • 2017 Carriageworks Season


Artistic Director
  • Stephen Page
Choreography - Ŋathu
  • Djakapurra Munyarryun with Stephen Page and the Bangarra ensemble
Choreography - Place
  • Kaine Sultan-Babij
Choreography - Whistler
  • Elma Kris and Nicola Sabatino
Original music by
  • Steve Francis
Set Design
  • Jacob Nash
Costume Design
  • Jennifer Irwin
  • Matt Cox

Premiered in 2017 at Carriageworks.

Running time: 80 minutes, no interval

Ones Country - the spine of our stories will take you on an Australian journey of discovery, from the myths and stories of North East Arnhem Land, to the concrete jungle of urban Sydney, and the azure salt waters of the Torres Strait Islands.

Djakapurra Munyarryun is a respected Yolngu songman from Dhalinybuy in North East Arnhem Land. His work Ŋ​athu is inspired by the ngathu (cycad) nut, which only appears for a fleeting moment before the wet season. 

Place is dancer Kaine Sultan-Babij’s first choreographic work for Bangarra. Grounded by his clan, his heritage, and his family totem of the caterpillar, he takes us to an urban Australian setting, drawing on his personal experience to explore what it means to be black and gay in today’s world. 

Bangarra dancers and proud Torres Strait Islander women Elma Kris and Nicola Sabatino have together created Whistler, a story inspired by the sacred call of the dugong and its significance to their people. 

ONES COUNTRY – the spine of our stories is the new frontier of Australian contemporary dance. 

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