• 1994 National Tour - NSW, NT, QLD


  • Stephen Page
  • David Page
Set Design
  • Joe Hurst
Costume Design
  • Cheryl Pike
Lighting Design
  • Jo Mercurio

Premiered in 1994 at The Enmore Theatre

NINNI brings together drama, dance and song in a work exploring the lives of an urban Indigenous family that is partly absorbed into the mainstream Australian culture and how its members confront the identity issues that have been borne since colonisation.

At NINNI‘s heart is Mother Earth, the mother of children and the mother of carrying our strong cultural identity. Aboriginal people believe that this country is very female so this work is based on a family story that deeply respects the mother component.

Actor Rachael Maza and Singer La-Donna Hollingsworth collaborate with Guypunura Munyarryun on traditional language and gesture to create the essence of this women’s story.