Stephen Page

Artistic Director:

Stephen Page

Premiered in 1997 at The Queensland Performing Arts Trust, Suncorp Theatre

Fish continues the story of the earth and the power of the elements that began with Ochres, taking the journey to the vast bodies of water. As disparate and as diverse, as Aboriginal identity itself, Fish celebrates the seas, the rivers, the swamps, and the wealth of life and mystery they contain.

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Bangarra is a dance company with a language like no other

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  • Stephen Page
  • David Page
Cultural Design
  • Djakapurra Munyarryun
Set Design
  • Peter England
Costume Design
  • Jennifer Irwin
Lighting Design
  • Mark Howett

Touring Info

  • 1999 National tour QLD, NT, WA
  • 1998 National tour NSW, SA, ACT, QLD
  • 1998 International tour Noumea, Korea & Taiwan
  • 1997 Festival of the Dreaming, Sydney
  • 1997 International tour Edinburgh


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