• 2015 Regional Tour - QLD, NSW
  • 2014 Regional Tour - SA, NT, QLD
  • 2013 Regional Tour - VIC, TAS
  • 2002 International Tour - China (Beijing, Hong Kong, Guangzho), Monaco
  • 2001 International tour - USA (16 city tour)
  • 2001 National Tour - NSW, QLD, VIC


  • Stephen Page
  • David Page and Steve Francis
Set Design
  • John Matkovic
Lighting Design
  • Joe Mercurio
Costume Design
  • Jennifer Irwin
Cultural Consultant
  • Djakapurra Munyarryun

Premiered in 2001 at Queensland Performing Arts Centre

A rich visual feast and a return to the purity of dance and tradition, Stephen Page’s triple bill Corroboree embraces the Dreamtime, a time when animal spirits occupied the land without the influence of humans.

Corroboree takes a journey through the songlines of three dreamings that are central to the lives of indigenous people: Brolga, Roo and Turtle.

Quietly political and evocative, Corroboree strives to bring attention to the origins of life.

Modern dance with a sense of self-reliance is rare enough, and modern dance informed by a sense of mission seems almost miraculous

The Los Angeles Times