Our Patrons

We don't do it alone.

Bangarra is constantly strengthened by the generous capacity of people who believe enough in what we do to offer financial support.

Our incredible patrons help Bangarra to make a real difference with our work in communities across Australia and overseas. For this, we thank you.

There are a number of levels of support that our donors can belong to. In consultation with Wiradjuri Elders, we have taken inspiration from the word ‘Bangarra’ - a Wiradjuri word meaning ‘to make fire’ - to describe these levels, as part of our ongoing commitment to the survival of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages.

  • Dhulubang - Spirit
    (pronounced: Doo-la-bang)
  • Guya - Fish
    (pronounced: Goo-ya)
  • Bilawi - Sheoak 
    (pronounced: Be-lawi)
  • Wiiny - Fire 
    (pronounced: Ween)
  • Bargan - Boomerang 
    (pronounced: Bark-arn)
  • Birrimal - Bush 
    (pronounced: Bi-rr-mal)
  • Garrabari - Corroborree 
    (pronounced: Ga-rr-b-rr-ee)
  • Naruwin - Skin 
    (pronounced: Na-rr-we)

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