Spirit: a retrospective 2021

The Headland at Barangaroo Reserve, Sydney | 21 – 24 January 2021 | BOOK NOW

Duration: 75 minutes
Contains: smoke and haze effects
Suitable for all ages


  • Stephen Page
  • Bernadette Walong-Sene
Traditional Choreography and Music
  • Djakapurra Munyarryun
  • David Page
  • Steve Francis
Costume Design
  • Jennifer Irwin
Set Design
  • Jacob Nash
Brolga Cloths
  • John Matkovic
  • Stephen Page
Lighting Design
  • Nick Schlieper
  • Karen Norris
  • Joseph Mercurio
  • Matt Cox

After 10 months off the stage, Bangarra Dance Theatre return with four nights of live performance under the stars. Spirit: a retrospective 2021 is a powerful collection of dance stories taken from Bangarra’s 30-year repertoire. Set to a haunting score, Spirit invites audiences to connect with stories and songlines drawn from all over Australia, in a celebration of First Nations Peoples’ unbroken connection to the land.

Featuring the full Bangarra ensemble, Spirit draws from a selection of the company’s most celebrated works, comprising of Brolga (Corroboree), Black (Ochres), Yellow (Ochres), Dingo (Skin), White (Ochres), Moth (Bush), Two Sisters (Bush), The Call (Walkabout), and In her Mind (Nyapanyapa). Tracing an unbroken songline, Spirit gives voice to a cosmos of plants, animals, and ancestral medicine, laid down one step at a time.