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We're excited to announce Nicholas Currie-Inns, a Munaldjali and Bundjalung man from Queensland as the 2021 recipient of the Russell Page Graduate Program Scholarship, which sees him take up a 10-week study program with Sydney Dance Company’s (SDC) Pre-Professional Year and a four-week internship with Bangarra during the making of the company’s new production, SandSong: Stories from the Great Sandy Desert.

“This experience is unbelievably exciting. I can’t begin to say how grateful I am to Bangarra and the Russell Page graduate program for offering me this opportunity. I’m in my fourth week now and my mind is blown away. It’s challenging and eye-opening, filled with a variety of workshops, techniques and philosophies daily,” commented Nicholas. 

Over the course of his time at SDC, Nic will have the chance to work with many contemporary choreographers and peers, in a range of practices and under the close guidance of Linda Gamblin, SDC’s Head of Training and during his Bangarra internship he will join the dancers and creative team in the studio and experience the very unique Bangarra creative process. 

“I have much admiration for the vision that Stephen Page and Frances Rings have for Bangarra’s growing community of young Indigenous contemporary dance artists and feel honoured that Bangarra has selected Sydney Dance Company’s Pre-Professional Year program to be a complimentary pathway to further training before entering a professional dance career,” commented Linda Gamblin, Head of Training at Sydney Dance Company.

“The RPGPS is an incredibly important stage of a dancers training that offers further technical refinement under the guidance of industry professional artists and teachers at the SDCPPP. We are proud that this Initiative affords the graduate the opportunity to finesse their craft and train in a wider scope of practices giving them the skills to work in many areas of our diverse industry.”

Stephen Page & Frances Rings, Artistic & Associate Artistic Directors at Bangarra Dance Theatre