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Our Youth Programs Team are on the lookout for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander secondary school students to participate in the 2022 Rekindling Youth Program.

The Rekindling team are taking their fun and inspiring dance workshops to Mackay, Broome and Theodore and are seeking Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander secondary students who are keen to explore their cultural identity through contemporary dance and stories. 

The Rekindling program consists of a workshop and three Gatherings over the course of the year, ending with a final performance. Students in Mackay and Broome should register through their school.

Click here to sign up for Wulli Wulli Cultural Camp in Theodore.

Learn more about the Rekindling program here.

“The Elders, Youth and Community of Theodore get to explore, revitalise and showcase their Language Dances and Arts for the very first time since our ancestors were told it was illegal to speak our languages, dance our dances and continue our ancient art forms…”

Sidney Saltner, Youth Program Director