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Bangarra Dance Theatre’s email marketing service provider, WordFly (owned by POP) has been subject to a cybersecurity incident. Wordfly is used by many arts, cultural and not-for-profit organisations in Australia and around the world. WordFly have confirmed that some email addresses and other non-sensitive data may have been exposed during this incident.

WordFly learned that a bad actor exported data from the WordFly environment to an external location. There is no evidence to suggest that the exported data was misused for any purpose by this bad actor, nor made publicly available by the bad actor. Further, it is WordFly’s understanding, the data has now been deleted from the bad actor’s possession.

Bangarra Dance Theatre does not import financial information, payment details or any sensitive information to WordFly. The only information Bangarra Dance Theatre has shared with WordFly is names, email addresses and, in some cases, city of residency for the purpose of newsletter distribution.  At this time there is no evidence to suggest that any information imported to WordFly has been, or will be, misused. We’re alerting you out of an abundance of transparency and because your privacy is important to us.

Bangarra Dance Theatre and our subscribers are at no further heightened risk for targeted phishing campaigns than we were before this incident. As always, best security practices and education are recommended to avoid any attempted phishing campaigns.

Subscribers to our mailing list do not need to take any action.  We will post any updates on our website and directly email customers if required.

Please visit WordFly’s Incident Updates for additional information regarding this matter.