Our Team


Chief Financial Officer / Company Secretary
Ashwin Rathod
Human Resources Manager
Natsai Mutema
Finance & Operations Manager
Elizabeth Timbery Tierney


Development Director
Anna Matthews
Development Manager
Chloe Gordon
Development Manager
Amber Poppelaars
Development Manager
Alex Bellemore
Development Coordinator
Jacob Williams

Education & Youth Program

Youth Program Director
Sidney Saltner
Youth Program Coordinator
Sani Townson
Education Consultant
Shane Carroll

Marketing and Communications

Director, Marketing and Communications
Harriet Cheney
Marketing & Digital Manager
Sophie Raper
CRM Manager
Thida Kyaw
Publicity Manager (Kabuku PR Agency)
Belinda Dyer
Office & Engagement Coordinator, Acting Knowledge Ground Coordinator
Ivana Radix
Ticketing Systems Specialist
Emily Windsor


Director, Technical and Production
John Colvin
Production Manager
Cat Studley
Manager, Touring and Redevelopment
Phoebe Collier
Company Manager
Cloudia Elder
Stage Manager
Lillian Hannah U
Head Electrician
Ryan Shuker
Head of Wardrobe
Monica Smith
Head Mechanist
David Tongs
AV Technician
Emjay Matthews
Production Assistant/Assistant Stage Manager
Stephanie Storr


Board Member
Lynn Ralph
Board Member
Richard Eccles
Board Member
John Harvey
Board Member
Nadine McDonald-Dowd
Board Member
Stephen Page
Board Member
Ian Roberts