Waangenga Blanco

With Bangarra Since:
Family Background:
Waangenga is a descendant of the Mer Island people and of the Pajinka Wik, Cape York.

After studying at NAISDA, Waangenga was invited to join Bangarra in 2005. His highlights include the company's return to Meriam Mer in the Torres Strait Islands to perform Emeret Lu by the ocean and also dancing on the football field in Yirrkala for the community.


In 2012, Waangenga was nominated for a Helpmann Award and Greenroom Award for Male Dancer of the Year. He won an Australian Dance Award and Green Room Award for his performance in 2014’s Patyegarang. In 2015 he made his choreographic debut with I.B.I.S as part of the lore program and appeared in the film Spear.


Waangenga is continually inspired by the richness of Indigenous culture, and sustaining it through dance, the rawest form of expression known to man.

  • 2015 - Australian Dance Award for Oustanding Performance by a Male Dancer, Patyegarang
  • 2015 - Green Room award for Oustanding Performance by a Male Dancer, Patyegarang

"Dancing empowers me and Bangarra opens up the space to learn about and share my culture. I’d like to be an inspiration to young male dancers." - Waangenga Blanco

"athletic and immensely powerful"

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